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The canine behaviour and training specialists. Vet, trainer and rescue recommended. Degree and Masters qualified, Member of ICB, Member of BVBA, Signed up to UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter


  • Family pet training, socialisation & activity group lessons
  • 121 training lessons including ‘puppy package’ starter lessons
  • Bespoke 121 behaviour therapy – specialist in complex cases and referrals

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About Us

 ‘A Wagging tail and a smiling face are the signs of a day’s work well done!’

Here at Naturally Pets we believe in looking at how pets have evolved to learn and behave in their natural environments. Most training or behaviour problems we help owners & professionals overcome with their pets stem from a clash between this natural behaviour and behaviour that is appropriate in the human world. We overcome this clash by using a variety of classical and operant training techniques, to show our pets how to behave safely and happily in any given situation. We show owners how to become ‘resource relevant’ to their pets in a fun but effective way. Rules for sharing and co-operation are encouraged, to develop an understanding, rewarding relationship. Ultimately, we believe in having empathy for your dog’s emotionl needs, and in learning how to motivate them through the development of a willing, trusting relationship – a genuine friendship!

Natalie Lagstrom:

Founder & co-director of Naturally Pets, head behaviourist BSc (Hons) Behavioural Science, MSc (Distinction) Animal Behaviour.

“I spent a lot of my youth around animals – whether watching horses at play in a field, or training a rescue dog, I have always been fascinated by what motivates the behaviour of different animals. Without realising it, even back then I had discovered the secret – MOTIVATION is the key to unlock any behaviour! Having learned by the ‘hands on’ approach, I decided I wanted to study more, to find a more systematic approach to the methods I had discovered so far. This desire motivated me to choose Behaviour Science as my degree from the University of Nottingham.

During both my undergraduate and post-graduate studies, I have learned how the natural evolution of biology and behaviour is influenced by the ecological environment. The way our pets function and behave is determined both by adaptation to their current environment – the human household – and by established adaptations to previous environments – the natural habitat of their ancestors. This understanding creates a deep sympathy for the problems experienced by pets trying to fit into their human-controlled lives. Coupled with my training in classical conditioning, operant training and cynopraxic therapy, this understanding provides a strong foundation for the treatment of almost any problem.

I take a very ‘hands-on’ approach to Naturally Pets and Watermill Wolves – despite having to find time to spend with my own extensive canine family, and  write articles and books, I still love to do the home consults and run the club classes – every pet I work with is unique, and every animal teaches you something new. Helping people and their pets get along better has become my life’s work, and there is no better reward than the satisfied wag of a happy client’s tail!”


Natalie Lagstrom has a Degree in Behavioural Science from the University of Nottingham, and a Masters from the University of Exeter. During her studies she covered topics including: learning theories, evolution of behaviour, physiology, taxonomy, genetics, cognition, human psychology, bioethics & animal welfare, statistics and much more. She had the opportunity to study a wide range of animals in both domestic and natural environments including training dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, doves, chickens etc. and researching wild goat social behaviour on Lundy Island , as well as studying enclosure use and environmental enrichment in Barbary Sheep at Paignton Zoo.

Media, Animal Acting & Presenting:

Natalie Lagstrom has appeared in articles in Your Horse and Your Dog magazine, and with her Watermill Wolves team, has experience on-set working on Sky tv productions, music videos, adverts, public promotions, magazine and catalogue photoshoots.

As well as training the ‘Watermill Wolves’ animal acting team, Natalie regularly presents to a wide range of audiences in a fun , enlightening, and usually interactive way – from children to the infirm, from canine professionals to novices –and covering a wide range of topics on the subjects of behaviour, training, welfare and communication.  From Presenting at Shows, Displays, Demonstrations & Events, to teaching small, intimate groups or lecturing to a large audience, Natalie ensures everyone takes away something positive from the experience, making science fun, understandable – and practically applicable – for all!

See www.watermillwolves.co.uk

Practical Training Experience:

Natalie’s first word was an attempt at the name of the cat! From birth, interacting with animals was commonplace– dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rats, geese, chickens, reptiles, fish and even a seagull all found a home at one time in her family.

At 11, she started volunteering weekends at a rescue centre, and started to rehabilitate her own rescued German Shepherd at 14. She has rehabilitated rescue dogs in her own home as well as worked with rescue organisations ever since, and this desire to ‘make a difference’ has been the drive for her career. She now has over 25 years under her belt as a remedial behavioural therapist. Natalie has trained at Obedience, Rally, Agility and Flyball, as well as taking ‘extra-curricular’ courses in fields such as ‘Tellington Touch’, ‘Clicker Training’, Kayce-Cover’s ‘Intermediate Bridging’ techniques, Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Instructor’s course & Steve Lindsay’s ‘Cynopraxic approach to canine behaviour’ Seminar. She has attended lectures at the Royal Society, and also at the University of Lincoln. Natalie has also been employed by IGER (Institute for Grassland and Environmental Research) as a researcher studying motivation for operant learning, and has studied environmental enrichment at Paignton Zoo. Natalie is also qualified in Animal Assisted Therapy. As well as passing membership of several well respected behaviour and trianing organisations, Natalie is on the committee of PETbc, one of the UK’s dog trianing and behaviour regulatory bodies.